Unfortunately, with the snow and ice, we had to cancel our Alpha launch on February 12th. We’re going to re-launch it on the 19th though.

So, see you there for dinner, a talk, and a discussion.

"I had arrived at an answer to the most important issue that we issue we humans ever deal with: Is there a God? And I had arrived there without ever really looking at the evidence. And, I'm supposed to be a scientist!"

Dr. Francis Collins
Director of the Human Genome Project


Alpha is a place to explore the big questions of life. It's a safe place to say what you think, and to hear the perspectives of others. To date, over 29 million people in 169 countries have tried Alpha. We're doing it here in Basking Ridge at 7PM on Tuesday nights. There's no pressure. No follow up. You just come, have a free dinner, and see if it's for you.

St. Mark's is in near the center of Basking Ridge, at 140 South Finley Ave. We're the church with the solar panels. There is parking directly behind the church, or in the bank parking lot across the street.

Come and see on February 12th at 7PM

No pressure. No follow up. Free dinner.